Enchanted Child Care & Preschool


  1. Calendar of Events
    Check out this month's preschool activities!!
  2. School Closures
    Enchanted Child Care observes some major holidays. We do NOT follow Salem/Keizer district in regards to inclement weather. UPCOMING CLOSURES Aug. 29th & Aug. 30th September 2nd
  3. Pay your tuition
    We offer several options to pay your tuition. You can write a check, pay with cash or money order, or pay with PayPal. Be sure to send money to a friend and send via checking transfer to avoid any fees!!
  4. Things your child needs
    Each week they will need a blanket, crib sheet (Parkway & River Road), and a change of clothes in a labeled gallon size bag.
  5. Is your child going to miss a day of care??
    If you are keeping your child home on a regular child care day, please call your child's location ASAP and let the staff know of your plans.
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